Decide and Raise

“Dad, I really want to be a film actor. My college friends, my art teacher everyone say I could imitate any character, any protagonist. I also have a good acrobatic body; can sing a line or two.” He challenged his father Mr Ray. Ray was working as the stunt coordinator for a major Hollywood studio for two decades. He had seen the inside of Hollywood more closely than anyone had. He knew dirty secrets of casting couches, politics of production and marketing gimmicks. His risky career paved way for good rapport with some top names in the industry. He could have easily asked anybody to cast his son and everyone is more than obliged to make him so.  

He looked at his only son. Ran is in end-20s. His bulged muscles, quick acrobatic body, sharp chin, piercing blue eyes described him to be a befitting model. Physical exercise is one, which definitely a need for a stunt master. Ray has outlined a daily exercise schedule to keep up with his dangerous work. His Son Ran followed his footsteps.

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