What is the color of love ?,Love is white or black?

“Really, you love her” I asked him. It is somewhat weird for such a handsome, rich smart person to choose an average looking small town poor girl as his life partner. Even she is shorter by atleast a foot, her body color was dark dusky, she is not lean or fit like him and on the top of that she had thick spectacles. She was no more match to either of his status or personality. When I first heard of his wedding invitation, I kept on guessing all those possible gorgeous women in our college who stood abreast with him in everything, to be his life partner. All the way, he was the heartthrob of many others during our college days. He is handsome and smart, at the same time simple in many ways, a declining characteristic in our society of businesspersons and their spoiled brats. Richness with intelligence, a rare quality made him a topmost businessperson in very young age.

Every one of his friends, colleagues were shocked to see the bride during the marriage. As expected, his parents were absent. They opposed his marriage.

It was very private event. He has invited only his close friends. This marriage event was talk of the town for last week or so. There were many such comments on bride as well as the bridegroom. “Bridegroom has lost his mind and she somehow befriended him”.

I had known my friend from childhood. He is sensible and responsible. After the function, I asked him what transpired him to fall in love with her.

“Seriously man, look at her and yourself. You will understand.” I confronted him.

“What happened to her, bro.? She is beautiful, indeed,” He whispered in my ear.

“That is why love is blind,” I said sarcastically.

Many of the college friends, gorgeous women who indeed wanted my friend to tie a knot with them, laughed at him, ridiculed him saying, “This is what happens when you reject angels like us”. He ignored it.

During the dinnertime, He spoke to whole crowd. He wanted to clear all misconceptions.

“Hello guys, I know your embarrassments. Someone said love is blind.” He looked at me. His eyes stayed on me for few seconds.

“Love is blind if you consider color, height, age or cast or status of your life partner. All these things are physical in nature, which is we could see them. However, love is a feeling beyond all these physical states. Yes my wife is bit darker, wears spects and not as athletic as me. Black and white is just colors. Black reflects everything while white absorbs everything. There is nothing significant than that. If you consider darkness as bad omen, how could our beloved lord Shri Krishna or Lord Rama or Goddess Kali who has dark blue hue were manifestation of all goodness in the universe at the same time having dark colors!.  Why do red sun in bright clear sky gives heat at twelve noon and a moon at dark sky gives soothing coldness. We are engineers right? Same carbon atoms create bright shining Diamond on one side and dark carbon soot on another side. Their properties may be opposite but basic element is same. We are all same on microscopic level, made up of same atoms and molecules, same electrons and protons. We are different because of our thoughts and upbringing.”

Whole Avenue is silent. Even breeze stopped to hear the words.

“I don’t think love is blind. Love opens our eyes, our hearts to another possibility of seeing love. A possibility of accepting the partner as it is, without expectations. Love is blind for those who confine feeling of love within a body color or size or weight or status. Just remove your confinement; you could see love in everywhere. A mother starts loving her child from point of conceiving itself. She does not know how her child looks like or is it a normal or abnormal child. She still loves her. A devotee loves his lord by seeing lifeless forms, yet he feels a lively feeling for his lord. Nevertheless, to say, my love is would not reach such comparisons however all I want to say is love is beyond the limit of understanding. Love also gives a fearlessness to stand for what you believe that is what I learned from my adorable wife. Love gives freedom if you really believe in it; Freedom from atrocities of society, a freedom from hatred and cruelty. Love is not something between a mundane perishable bodies, it is elusive feeling between two hearts.”

“ ha ha , it is easy to say for a millionaire like you. You can convince anybody with your power of money or status.” Someone from the crowd uttered it.

A silence followed by gossip comments, sarcastic laughs, ridiculous giggles.

A woman voice stopped this entire nuisance. A woman voice so firm and strong,” Wow, do you think he still own the company or status. His father or my father in law opposed our marriage and dethroned my husband from all those inheritance. All he has now, he created on his own. He even left his executive class home culture, his annoying parents for the sake of me. Love is another word for sacrifice”

“You hurt your parents who did so much for you!” an old uncle grumbled.

“ I still love my parents, only matter is they are not accepting me. Chanakya Niti Says

“लालयेत् पंच वर्षाणि दश वर्षाणि ताडयेत् । प्राप्ते तु षोडशे वर्षे पुत्रं मित्रवदाचरेत् ॥ “

“Laalayet pancha varshaani dasha varshaani taadayet Praapte tu shodashe varshe putram mitravadaacharet”   

“For five years one’s son should be pampered, the next ten years he should be beaten (meaning he must be disciplined) and once he turns sixteen he should be treated as a friend.” *

*(Courtesy: http://stotram.lalitaalaalitah.com/2011/11/quotes-from-chanakya-neeti.html)

When parents do not treat us as a friend, still binds us with their assumptions of status or ego or blindfolded beliefs, how can we convince them. I have tried for the last 3 years to convince them. When parents do not understand what their adult child wants, what can I do? I love them as I love my wife. I have left my family that does not mean that my responsibility towards them is over. I hope in near future my parents would accept me.” At this point, he became emotional and his wife grabbed his shoulder. She consoled him by gentally pressing his shoulder.

His Speech may not have changed many hearts over there, but it certainly gave an impression of what love really is. I felt proud of my friend who stood against all odds, sacrificed his well-deserved life for the sake of love. My good wishes are always with him.


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