When Lord Ganesh became reluctant and angry!

Once upon a time, Goddess Parvati asked her son Ganesha “where do you want to celebrate your next birthday?”

“Mother, I don’t want to celebrate at all!”

“Why My son?” Goddess Parvati is curious and puzzled.

“Mother, in some countries, they eat my vehicle “Mouse”, I cannot travel or come back. Elephants are my companions. Someone treats elephants as object of recreation. They force elephant to play football, cricket, and then paint. Elephants should roam freely in jungle; they are the kings of the forest.  Human beings have encroached their land and threaten to torture, when elephants make their way into their own kingdom. Some poachers remove their tusk. I am afraid of losing my tusk.”

Lord Ganesha is feeling sad.

“Human beings also worship you annually with lot of decoration, tasty modaks (Indian recipe equivalent of sweet veg Momos)” Goddess tried to comfort him.

“Decoration, they do not decorate for the sake of worshipping, they decorate for competition as who has spent more, or who has largest idol likewise. They decorate; spend money to keep up their status and to get some flattery. My ears are sensitive to noise of drums. I want to hear soothing voice of flutes played by divine angels. Instead, I hear disgusting voices, harsh enough to break my eardrums.  Food, it has more chemicals and adulteration than pure naturally grown grains. My stomach would be upset eating such things.”

“Mother, more disgusting is they pollute mother Ganga?”  Goddess Parvathi looks puzzled.

“They dump my idols in rivers, oceans obstructing natural flow of water. When water stops flowing, it harbors toxic poison and death bearing organisms. On the eve of my birthday, human beings cause more noise pollution with ruckus sound, inflaming countless firecrackers; they cause air pollution making me look out for fresh clean air. You know mother, I require a lot of oxygen for this big elephant head. They pollute river sources. Then where can I bathe or drink clear water. I do not want to celebrate my birthday anymore mother.”

“I gave human beings what they wish for; I blessed them with prosperity, harmony and peace. I do not want anything in return, but as human being, everyone has an inbuilt nature of courtesy and thankfulness. At least they should thank nature, water and air they live in” Lord Ganesha became furious.

Mother Parvati comforted him in very mesmerizing voice.

“My son, whatever you have said is correct. These humans do not respect what they already have. We should forgive all wrong doers for the sake of well-being of some good people. You should celebrate your birthday with those who clean the waterways, roads, beaches, who are pure in nature, work and ethics.  You should celebrate a birthday with those who have devotion, who are responsible towards nature and society. My son, there are many such people who want to make this earth clean and green. For the sake of them, please subdue your anger, enjoy, and celebrate your birthday. I bless you my son.”

 Kind and thought-provoking words of Goddess Parvathi pacified Ganesh.

Lord Ganesha contemplated on her words for a while and directed his mouse to the house of his pure devotee.


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