40,000,605 Possibilities and 1 chance to win: Saga of Infinity war.

Whoever has seen the latest blockbuster of Marvel Universe, definitely might have heard quite a bit about this unique number. Doctor Strange with his “Time stone” power envisions alternative possibilities to defeat Thanos. Out of so many possibilities, Doctor strange finds only one chance to decimate mighty Thanos and his followers.

At the end of the war, Thanos now has all 6 Infinity stone at his convenience, half the population of the universe as well.

Doctor strange gave away time stone in order to spare the life of “Ironman” aka Tony Starks. There is one possibility that Thanos would succumb to anguish and frustration of loneliness. It gives all superheroes and left over avengers under the able leadership of upcoming “Captain Marvel” to plan a revenge saga and to get Infinity gauntlet.

Thanos character revolves around a super antagonist and a superhuman being living with his human beliefs. Thanos love for his adopted daughter Gamora, his insanity for annihilating half the population of the universe in the name of a new nascent, his character is in much control over everything on all the time. At the end, when apparently losing his sole chance of getting “Vision stone” as Wanda or Scarlet witch destroys it unwillingly, his quick presence of mind of having acquired almost all infinity stone plays a trick. He reverses the time and acquires the “Vision Stone”.

Thanos wipes out half the universe randomly as if playing the God’s hand of death. His wish does not spare even many of the mighty Avengers. How all the Avengers gather up their unprecedented power and glory to defeat Thanos, what would be the ultimate fate of Infinity Gauntlet? What will happen to Thanos at the end, Infinity war has raised numerous questions. All the fans around the world have started their best plot or story for next big magnums opus in this sequel.

By the way, may be Thanos sits in his planet “ Titan” and creates many realities with his “ Reality Stone” or time-travels to relish the moment spent with his adopted daughters with the help of “ Time stone”. With all this super power there is one possibility for Thanos to travel forward in time, foresee the vision of Doctor Strange and to make his strategy for correcting the future.

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