Half Dome and full life :

Once upon a time, an amateur mountain climber lived in Small County. He never climbed the greatest of the mountains, but aspired to climb one day. He trained hard on his physical and mental stamina. He, had climbed many of the small mountains in and around the county, he was living in. He trained himself in solo climb, free hands and top rope climbing.

Unfortunately, on such an Endeavour he fell from a small cliff and broke his hands. Although he recovered from the disaster, this accident lent a permanent mental dogma on his mind. He tried to keep up his climbing habit, but every time he started to climb, fear of falling to imminent death haunted him.  Soon his fear of fall covered his fearless ness and he became a puppet of an unfortunate event. Physically that accident only broke his hand; however much into the deeper level of conscious, it broke his will to give yet another try.

He has a dream to climb solo famous half Dome mountain Yosemite (A 1444 meter sheer cliff opposing a highest waterfall in USA). All his life he tried for it, he trained for it and better to say he has lived to climb that mountain.

One day he met another amateur climber, who is taking a lifetime trip to conquer half dome. That acquaintance persuaded our broken soldier to try for one last time. Our hero agreed to give last try.

When both reached the place and saw the raising of half dome from valley floor, bewilderment, disbelief followed. They got convinced that it is impossible to climb this sheer cliff. No chance of top rope climbing solo will definitely place them in cadavers. They had climbed small cliffs, small hills, but their level of experience never matched to complete this feet or so they thought. More than thinking, they assumed that way. Lot of legends of failed attempts heard on the way to trip already made them simple visitors than conquerors.


Our failed climber already broken by his mind left his lifelong dream forever.  Only achievement he relished for the rest of his life was how he reached the valley of the half dome and returned after seeing its prolific heights.

At the end of his life, same acquaintance that made a trip to half dome with him arrived with an image of himself on the top of the half dome.

Our Broken soldier in his low voice asked,” how did you do it?”

“My friend, I lied to you that I am a climber. I never climbed an 8-foot wall until then. When I tried to climb a rock wall in my university, I fell number of times. Once I survived a fatal head injury and broken spines.  My Doctor sterilized me from all those high adrenaline activities. I read about half dome in a website.  Soon it turned into a dream of lifetime. I wanted to visit it. I came to know about you and thus our journey began. When you saw that half dome and I saw a hopelessness, fear, anxiety lie deep beneath your eyes. You might have turned down the offer. I never give up. I went once again, yet again and yet again. I circumnavigated whole half dome mountain, Searched for easiest paths, met some similar amateurs, took guidance, worked on my physical and mental level , tried different routes to the summit and when I reached the summit, I wanted more. I tried with solo; I tried with difficult climbing gradient.  You might wonder that half dome has another simple walk able route to its summit.”

Our broken soldier left with regret, a lot of regret and feel of failure.

“Look my friend, everyone has talent, and everyone can work hard to hone their skills. Yet only one out of hundreds reach the top. You have failed once and  I have failed for infinite. Difference is fear of failure. I thought if I fail in this attempt, it would add a single digit to thousands of my failures. What might if I succeed, it will nullify all my failures. It was hard to believe that I will succeed. My problem is not the vastness of half dome; it is how to climb half Dome. In mean time, I came across various solutions, routes and every time genuine ness of each route added to my strengths.  This is the way I trained myself.  Everyone has problems, even a sun disappears during strong winters. Yet he is persistent enough to reappear once the winter is over.  You had the skills but before reaching the valley, you had failed in your mind. It is better to fail on trying than fail to try. “

“There are many people who have come across problems, they will say about hundreds of solutions. Yet they are not their own.  Coming across a problem or glorifying the problem does not change anything, however finding out genuine solutions to problem will change something atleast.”

Our broken soldier closed his eyes in small regret  that atleast if he had tried one last time then , all of his experience of climbing earlier would have made him on top.


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