Frog in a well : Same old wisdom with new philosophy.

*[Panchatantra fables are short stories with lessons taught in order to cultivate good and to give value education in olden days. Originally wrote By Vishnu Sharma in nearly 1700 years ago, these stories are much in synonym with Aesop’s fables from Greece written in 6th century.]

The original story in two lines; there lived a frog in a well. That frog never believed ocean of infinite limits could exist.

Twist in the tale:

This story has a twist. As usual there lived a King frog assisted by Ministers. Ministers always obeyed his king without a second thought. One-day King’s son got a weird dream. In dream, he saw 80-foot long monster creature swimming in a body of water, which seems to be having no limits. He ignored the dream initially. Next day he saw color-changing creature having eight tentacles, brainless creatures, creatures having 5 arms so on. Day by day, his dream started getting bizarre.

[*note: All creatures described indeed exist really. Blue whale, Octopus, Jellyfish and star fish in the order of description]

Finally he opened up about his dreams to the ministers and then to the king. King replied, “Look My dear son, I have been living here for whole of my life. I had been to most of the places nearby. However, I never came across neither a water body nor the creatures you mentioned in your dreams. Mind it; not all the dreams are true. You will be future king. You may have obsessed with you day to day games, anxious about future responsibilities. These dreams are result of you is over thinking and my son, over thinking always hurts at the end.”

Son was convinced and tried to ignore all his dreams.  Nevertheless, dreams of water bodies and very scary creatures obsessively haunted him every single day. King thought for a while and planned to send his son along with his obedient ministers to the neighboring lake, which he thought to be infinite, in order to prove his son wrong.

His ministers had travelled to that lake multiple times and for them that lake was more than everything was.  For the first time King’s son saw a bigger water body than his home and believed to some extent that his dreams are never going to be true. King was very happy that his son is following his path to become his successor. However, king’s son came across rigorous sort of similar dreams. After sometime he started, thinking dreams cannot be true unless you try to pursue it.  He was in a big dilemma for some period.

One fine day, Frog’s son made a decision and escaped from his kingdom in search of mighty ocean. End is obvious. Ocean does exist for those who want to explore it.


Frog In a lake.

Frog Says,

We always come across such mental unrests and battles in our life. These battles define fate of our future. Many succumb to poor decisions made from unsought battles within their mind and some others battle throughout their life. The rest exist as if they have no battles to fight although they have lost the battles in period of time and time erased those memories of defeat or their ego don’t want them to remember their lost battles.

“To be or not to be “That is the question: To quit or not to quit; to surrender or not to surrender; to love or to hate; to impress or to suppress; to obey or not to obey; there or many more “to be or not to be things” in life.

“So don’t let your dreams die, before you die”

Another thing from this story is there is lot of difference between what you believe you are and what others want you to believe you are. However veraciously what you actually are is much different.


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