Does Eyes sees all ? : A tale of Higher Management.

“ No No. Det, we cannot afford any further delay in delivery from our side. Already schedule is tight and our client is on the edge seat waiting for our product.” M.D of the Salhouse Packaging Solutions Mr Jeff raised his voice in conclusion. He is sitting in his rotating chair looking at pie chart of revenue in his desktop. Salhouse Packaging is a well-known company working in field of manufacturing various packaging covers, boxes, equipments. It was the prominent supplier of packaging solutions to Medical, Chemical Industries around the world.

“Please sir, Understand the situation. Our Raw material air borne consignee has postponed due to deadly Hurricane in South East Asia. We are already working on double shifts; soon we will lack raw materials.” Mr Det tried his best.

“Who made you Plant Manager? You should have solved this problem by now. We are in jet plane and you are telling we do not have fuel to fly. Ridiculous! Mr Det.” M.D is furious.

“Sir, you know the procedure, even if we get the raw material somehow, it requires special chemical treatment for softening, before we could mould it “

Cycle of Production

“How dare you to teach me the procedure!” Mr Jeff is rude. Mr Jeff stood from the chair and walked briskly to the side of the table. He grabbed a paperweight. His face fumed red-hot.

“ Sir, I had tried for alternative arrangement to supply packaging covers from third party manufacturers, however they do not meet our quality standards and charging heavily for their below average junk.” Det continued. Mr Jeff was no more ready to swim with Mr Det. Mr Jeff acknowledged it tepidly. His face is hiding a devious plan he is about to act. Mr Jeff was the one who inherited his father’s company by birth. His Master Bussiness and Management degree allowed him to make somewhat ambitious financial and marketing decisions, let alone poor technical decisions. His relations with clients were deteriorating because of his ever-increasing demand for profit at the cost of delivery and quality. Instead of upgrading on latest technological advancements, he chooses a pretty damsel for a marketing face at hefty payment.

“ So, what stopped you from letting that third party to work for us ?” Look Det, we have enough money to make some compromises on quality. Our first target is to satisfy our clients!” Mr Jeff never hesitates to play or gamble heist ways to remain on top of earning chart.

“At the cost of our quality!” Det is still stubborn.

“Call your superior!” Mr Jeff ordered.

Det could guess the plot to bypass him.   Det did not reacted other than closing the door in frustration. He knew there is nothing he could do.  He is a paid employee after all. However, Det is one of those people who follow no rules, when ethics they believe is at stake.

Many of his colleagues knew him as worker’s favorite; even clients admired his management skills. Unfortunately, he resigned from the job much against public. It may sound trivial reason to announce that you are out; sometimes compromising with our ethics never is an option.

Many years passed, Salhouse packaging solutions became bankrupt and its reputation even failed to impress third party suppliers. Mr Jeff is in need of a profitable collaboration. Reviving salvage or enriching the garbage both requires filthy hands and determinant minds.

On one fortunate day, a young woman from Vandet Corporation contacted Mr Jeff to buy the Salhouse solutions at a nominal rate and retain him as acting director. Only Condition is Vandet will manage the floor job and marketing.  Mr Jeff was more than happy to give his nod. He will retain his share and his chair.

Mr Jeff is waiting in the lounge for President of Vandet Corporation. Meanwhile receptionist is playing a Lecture series in her PC. It was an inspirational talk from young mind. Mr Jeff could recognize that voice. Voice has changed its chasm and attitude, yet retained same tenderness.

“Human beings who fly in plane could see whole earth at one glance. From top, everything looks like flat and plain. He assumes earth a cardboard, however when plane alights on ground real picture of earth appears. Earth has deep canyons, hills, boulders, cities, forests, deep abyss and everything. Even an eagle, king of high altitude depends upon ground for its food. You cannot fly on plane forever. For something or the other, plane should land. Hence, it is very important to know the ground condition in any field and business. Persons writing codes for next big thing on internet or toiling his hand gloves in shop floors, only could raise, prosper and pioneer MNCs you will see tomorrow. Person, who compromises his value, ethics for the sake of some quick bucks, does win the Race, but not long enough to sustain.”

A large applaud followed the lecture. Mr Jeff stood up to ask receptionist about talk show. By now, he has guessed the voice.

“Mam, who was talking in the lecture series?” His voice is shallow. Mr Jeff is still hoping that it is a random lecture and he hardly believed his thought of Mr Det being an employee in this company.

“ Mr Jeff, It is our MD and Founder of this Vandet corporation Mr Det.  He will be available in another ten minutes. He is arriving today only to meet you; otherwise, Mr Det stays in his R&D workshop inventing new techniques. Please wait Mr Jeff.” Her voice is poignant with respect for Mr Jeff and pride for her Company.                                                               


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