A Tale of a child standing on the edge of a waterfall!

Child, edge,

She is looking for her long lost toy. When it fell from that edge, it was still laughing and assuring her, life will be fine. It was a gift from her tech geek dad on her 8th birthday. As a lone child, growing in a mansion full of fake caretakers, that toy stayed longer than her daunting memories. It was a special toy, likely to aid the child in everything. It had humanoid features resembling her late mother, only miniscule in size such that she could hold her in her arms. It has an artificial intelligence algorithm in its core. Her dad specially designed it for her. Wherever she goes, her toy would follow her, rather she drags her toy everywhere. A little child, who has lost her mother since her birth, having all toys and play stations in the world at her disposal, chooses to hang out with this humanoid all along.


When she stood on the edge of that waterfall with anxious eyes, sad face, her only wish was to get hold of that toy once again. Her wish was so strong. Yet the action was irreversible. Although, her father could make yet another sophisticated toy for her, there is nothing to replace the essence of that toy.


She stood there for a long time, well enough for her father to look for her in every possible direction. As the toy had a location device, he could locate her.

“ Pa, she fell! ” Her eyes were teary. Her nature looked strong. More she spent her life with humanoids, more she started becoming an emotionless, controlled geek.

“What happened dear? ” His arms closed on her. She once again felt a secure feeling that her toy once used to retrofit her.

“Pa, I walked to this waterfall just behind our mansion with my toy. Toy directed me well. I played with it in this pool. We splashed water on each other. Wind is blowing nicely. Suddenly a strong current of water pushed me to the edge.” She gasped for a moment.

“ Yea, “ her father caressed her eyelashes laden with tears. Her hair swayed in the air.

“ I yelled, “Ma’ and that toy rushed to my help. It pulled my legs and I fell on the solid ground.”

Her voice choked with anguish. Remorse and a loss of her loved one are evident from her eyes.

“Where is the toy?” her father asked, as he is more concerned about his innovation than the safety of his daughter.

“A strong gush of water floated it to the edge and it said, “Life will be fine dear”, And fell into the waterfall.

“I could not do anything to save it, Pa” she embraced him tightly.

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