Where can we find true saints ? are they among us !

Jose had travelled all around the world in search of his spiritual master, all in vain. He had come across many fake masters, fraudulent saints, and cunning sages. Although, he had met some promising teachers, none of them could able to satiate his genuine spiritual thirst for ultimate master.

Heartbroken, Jose left for his homeland and once again established his formal worldly affairs. His little efforts in finding a benevolent master continued. He became a busiest person as his business started improving so as his reputation. His lovely wife, adorable kids loved him.  After very long time, he heard news that a famous true spiritual master is coming to his homeland. He courteously welcomed the master and enquired about his visit.

“Master, please lead me in this path. Teach all those lessons!” Jose pleaded.

“No Dear, I am in search of yet another master who lives here!” Master replied.

Jose knew every person in this town.

“Who is that Master? I know all the persons here! I don’t think anyone of your caliber or reputation lives here!” Jose clarified.

“No Dear Jose. He is master of disguise. An oasis in desert and full moon in dark night! It is your neighbor Mr Barry!”

“Mr Barry. Ridiculous! Master, you might be confused. He is not a good person. Every now and then, his friends party at his place whole night. He never recites any holy scriptures. His wife, parents blame him for being so straightforward in his business. He hangs out with all vile people. How can he be a master?” Jose is offensive about Mr Barry.

“He hangs out with bad people since he believes that he could change them. It shows is countless mercifulness. You should be like Roman when you are in Roman. He never read any holy scriptures, because there is no need for such enlightened persons to follow some rulebook. They can create their own rules for betterment of the society. He never deceits people. Yes, I agree, his language is bit rustic. But looks at the society, as we step out of house we hear slangs easily, we could see all public nuisances, every day news paper lists rapes, murders, crimes and all those sensual stories. Today all kinds of food we eat are adulterated. Air we breathe in has more pollution than ever. Our thought process has been polluted as well. We cannot escape vileness or offensiveness from bearing their marks on our subtle mind. To be remain pure, yet jumping into all this mess requires a hell of a spiritual energy of course God’s grace. Mr Barry is such kind of person; He acts but never acts with his whole sense.  For such person, death or birth, loss or gain, defame or fame are equal. He sees miracle in every small events of nature. He appreciates nature as all the manifestation of Lord.  He is happy always. Have you ever seen him worrying or ill-treating anybody?” Master asked Jose.


Jose is envious of Mr Barry for this precise reason.  Irrespective of just enough income to bundle out his daily expenses, his quarrelling wife, disgruntled parents who always had a problem with his simple conduct, Mr Barry remained ever happy, always helped needy persons. Everyone fooled him, yet he believed and helped all those who ill-treated him.  Somehow or the other his family never starved at the month end. He is innocent as a small child. Jose has seen him celebrating every single miracle of nature in childish manner. Even if it is a birth of ant from its eggs or baby elephant splashing water in a lake, he enjoyed it in ecstasy. Either Birth of a new member in his family or death of his loved ones could never able to break his calmness. He had lost his mother recently. His face grinned with weird peacefulness at the death ceremony of his mother. He resumed his work next day as if nothing has happened. It sounds cruel, insensitive. However, on deeper spiritual level, it has a great sense of detachment.

Jose is intrigued to hear more.

“A greatest master is who retracts his mind from all those senses. Although his senses enjoy all worldly pleasures, his mind is ever free. To be a spiritual person may not mean that you should recite Holy Scriptures now and then or punish your body in some desolate location. It is somewhat relates how best you can be master of your own senses and use it to benefit of humankind. By knowing yourself, your strengths, your limits you can know God. God resides in everyone’s heart my friend.”

Jose is silent, realizing how he had undermined his neighbor for his seemingly offensive conduct.

Master enquired, “Jose, do you have a pond nearby where lotus grows?”

Jose surprised at this unexpected request. He blissfully guided his master to nearby pond.

Master saw a lotus flower and plant. He dribbled some mud, sand on those leaves. Nothing stuck to leaf. It remained slippery and silvery as always. He plucked a beautiful Lotus flower and handed to Rose.

“Jose, spiritual master should be like this plant. Live in world, yet do not allow worldly affairs to affect your realm of existence.”  Master concluded.

At that time, Mr Barry heard the news of arrival of a master. Mr Barry ran to the lake and dropped on feet of the master. His eyes were wet. He is silent.

Master embraced him to his bosom and said, “Jose, real masters do not exhibit or show off. They are damn grounded.”


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