Towards Light

Greed, lust, Worry and Sorrow,

Are the graves for us we burrow?

Engulfed with Illusion and Ignorance,

Comes ego, status and arrogance.

These take years to get ridden,

Until then beauty of soul is hidden.

Dazzling lights of worldly illusion,

Fades in front of determined life vision.

Confusion about ethics, wrong or right? Nothing Clear.

Time gives Path of clear, and then we are our seer.

Pure knowledge as bright as sun rays,

Is the reward for faith & hard work it pays.

Life is journey of learn, forgive and love,

Respect, truth and inner beauty we show.

Path is hard, traversed by only bold,

Determination and faith, should you hold.

As sunrays clears the cloud of darks,

A path to new life embarks.

Darkness to light, darkness to light,

Shining bright lets walk towards light.

  •                              Bharat Patil


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