A Legend of Ran : from excessive sweat to sweet man. Part 1

Ran walked outside the hospital with some reports in his hand. His baldhead is sweating. He frequently used his handkerchief to swab his face and chest now and then. While walking towards parking, he remembered his conversation with doctor.

“My Dear. You need to undergo some specific tests to confirm my doubt!”

“What kind of test? Doc. Is it necessary? It is minor problem! “Ran is unwilling.

“Of course, yours is a very minor issue. However, some hidden ailment may have caused this!. In order to cure you, I need to be 100% sure!” Doctor substantiated.

“By the way, It is called Secondary Generalized Hyperhidrosis! Reasons vary from cancer to low sugar or medications” Doctor continued his deduction.

Ran moved his head. His head is pouring lot of sweat over his face amidst conditioned room. He was fit and athletic.  However, after an incident at the chemical factory, he was suffering from hair loss and excessive sweating. His friends mocked him for his lousy body Adour. His only girlfriend left him. He was financially and emotionally broke. Although, nearly 100 persons survived that horrible mishap, Except Ran everyone has shown a radical improvement in their health.  Ran is the CEO of that chemical manufacturing firm, which supplies plastic based chemicals for research, defense and manufacturing industries.

He sat in his car and introspecting all his life events. His sweat drop fell over the next seat. He cleaned his head once again before driving to his home. While driving, his eyes fell on adjacent seat. Seat cover has eroded. Something flashed to his mind. He carefully observed all the things he touched with his sweat. All metallic and nonmetallic parts have some amount of erosion. His checked his handkerchief. It has absorbed so much of his sweat such that it evaporated in his hand.

Alas! He thought to test his sweat ingredients thoroughly.


———————To be continued.



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