A story of late success! Fate of the sacred groove

Whenever I walked through this forest trail, I wonder at the green pasture in mid of dense trees. Sun emits his radiance over this yard of land for years yet unlike adjacent space, which has impervious thick foliage of various plants, it was barren except for some grass. There was a rumor that this is the final resting place of a sincere forest officer, who has sacrificed his life fighting illegal loggers.  It became a sacred groove. This Sacred groove has retained its greenery even in driest of the years.   

However, one fine summer, I noticed a small cone like seed on the pasture. Seed is big and hard. I thought this green pasture would see a small plant in months.

Meanwhile, my professionalism drew me to some far way place in opposite part of the country. I never lost touch with that sacred groove. Whenever I found some leisure time, or at home, I used to visit that place. It has been years, yet that seed never germinated.  Green Pasture remained as it is, while surrounding forest has grown denser and has seen many new trees and thunderstorms, lightening have uprooted old stems.  Gradually, I lost the memory of visiting such a serene place. 

On one fine day, my grandchild asked me to take him to that sacred groove. I had lost interest in that place, as it remained same forever until then. Slowly holding his hand, I walked to that place.

Alas! Am I in wrong place! I double-checked all the markings of the trail. I had spent my whole childhood observing that green pasture. There is no trace of pasture anymore; instead, I saw a tree of great girth, hard wood and immeasurable heights. Its magnificence has surpassed conterminous trees. For the matter of fact that forest land was named after this tree in sacred groove.  

I was awestruck. I thanked the patience of that seed, its belief in self, support of sunshine and surrounding nature. It taught a big lesson in my life.

Sometimes, life is the matter of time. Someone succeeds quickly, yet somebody find it very hard to win this race. No one knows fate of every person.  Essence of life lies in believing in self and waiting patiently for miracle to happen no matter what this world would think about your rate of growth.  It is better to crawl on ground instead of resting on your bed.


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