A bloody tale of a Hunter and 12 bachelors on an excursion!

River has stopped flowing, making a small pond of turbid water. There were many rocks around the banks making natural enclosed water body. We have had a swimming session earlier. Water was neck deep at its deepest point. It never became a challenge to us, as we were all pros in swimming.  It was our weekend trip. As group of working professionals, we hardly find time to hang out with our best friends.

We made this plan all of a sudden.  Within minutes, everyone gathered at the old college ground with available all-powerful bikes. Then we started for a place somewhere outside the city and near hills. One of our friend has pin pointed this location as he knew every crevice of this land.

Water was murky and cold. We enjoyed early morning swimming water-splashing session. As sun rose to top of our heads, we moved to shadow grounds on banks of river for lunch. After packed lunch, we leisurely spent our time with casual talks. One of our camera savvy friend took some awesome images of us swimming, nature some rocks and some villagers washing clothes on the bank.

We thought of spending some more time on the riverbed and exploring the adjacent forest. Little did we know that our afternoon would be a more than a mere jungle excursion?

We saw an athletic village man approaching the river from opposite bank. He had a tanned skin bag attached to his waist. His Skin bag was wet with some red drops. It looked like he had just killed a wild animal and stuffed in his bag.

He looked surprised at our presence. “Shall I swim here? Is it too deep! “ He casually asked us.

As a hunter, always wandering in jungle, one should have all the knowledge of jungle and rivers.  We did not cater to his mysterious question. We indulged in much more funny discussion ignoring him.

He undressed, keeping his wet bag on one big rock. Then, he jumped into the pond. He swam for some time.

After some time, we noticed nobody in that pond.  We thought that, the hunter might have gone after having a good bath.

As sun started to sink to the west, we approached the shrubs and jungle trail on the riverbank. Soon we reached the opposite bank. As river was dry during this intense summer with some potholes, small ponds here and there, our excitement of crossing the river has almost null effect. One of us looked at the hunter’s entry point to find out any jungle trail. He is shocked to witness a left over bag.

“Friends, that hunter have left his bag!”  Yes, hunter’s bag has started giving a foul smell and its red blood commenced to make all wet rock a place of blood-ridden artwork.

We all gathered around that bag, we were curious to know which animal has gone to heaven today!

One of our most audacious friends, slowly uncovered the bag with a bamboo stick.  What we about to see is not only grotesque, but instilled a deep fear in our hearts forever. Blood has splattered all over the rock. We ran in fear after witnessing that gore view. For that duration with hunter, we were in grave danger unknowing to our very own existence.

“A slaughtered head of man without eyes: His tongue stretched outside his mouth.”

On that day, we had spent our whole time ridiculing the legend of a mystery man who loots and behead the victim in these dense jungles.  

Yes, I Need not to say what would have happened next!










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