Do you trust someone from faraway place?

“ do you trust me?” He asked her, holding her hand.

She looked into his eyes. His eyes were blue and sparkling with radiance. It was mesmerizing.

Sometimes tongue needs not to interfere in matter of hearts.

“ So for some time, I need to visit another place far far away.” His voice is loud and rigid.

“ Ok, Please come soon. Far way means where? “She anxiously asked him

“ May be another world, outer space !” As an astrophysics scientist, his ways of answering was weird. Although he belonged to her, his mind dwelled in mysterious and infinite, yet invisible worlds, which existed beyond reach of modern instruments. Yet, he has something, which attracted her. He was her senior in graduation. He was genius, already his comparisons were made with legendary scientists.

Next week, he departed to airport for his long journey. He did not disclose his purpose or destination. She did not ask him, since he used to go for such trips thrice a year. He returns with lot of exotic gifts, and lot of stories to tell. His stories were out of the world; however, he could convince her that such an imaginative world really exists.

After all those days, he was in contact with her and their relationship never looked as a long distance troubles. However, one-weekend a weird news article in major newspapers around the world attracted her anxious eyes. It reads, “An alien species resembling a human being is found dead in surface of MARS” A photo description matched his stature. She collapsed over floor and tears ran like a storming river from her eyes. Her swollen belly already had a proof of his humane existence.


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