Double Attack

Some force threw me in the river. River is raging with debris, fallen cement, steel rods and floating bodies. I found the water warm, then warmer, then unbearable. I could able to swim to the shore, somehow. Visibility was quite low. I saw a dome ablaze with golden hue. I saw many disfigured bodies. I only saw some people crying. Oh No! I have lost my ears.  My eyes slowly trapped into multiple visions of awakening and dreams.

I slowly opened my eyes. I saw many young women in white clad serving many patients. There are lots of bodies with a broken hand, legs , limbs . I looked at my legs and hands. They are well in shape with some minor scratches. I could not hear blabbering of young maids serving me. A cold breeze from the window, blow over my face. With that sooth, an unendurable pain on my face followed. I touched my face with my hands. Pus, peeled skin, burned tissue, oozing blood spread on my palm. I looked in the mirror. What an aghast! I only had two holes in place of the nose, eyelids were gone, and my face skin has burned to the extent of showing underlying tissues.

In dismay, I looked at the window. I saw a  white mushroom shaped cloud of greater heights in the sky, followed by an eye piercing light.


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