Does he is a culprit ? : How we judge people

I was sipping my tea in my balcony.  It was a nice weekend evening. I could see some evening joggers and kids playing in Community Park. As usual evening buzz of community life, I was experiencing by then came to a halt by an uncommon visitor to my house. It was Mr Salve our neighbor. Everyone used to call him a gossip master. In fact, he should be in films writing all those cheesy scripts; unfortunately, he is with me that evening.  His presence annoyed me. Anyhow, I welcomed him.

“What a surprise salve? Any big news today?” I expected yet another tale of his mastery of malicious revelation.

“Did you hear the news? That hero looks alike bachelor from opposite building flat!” He took a pause.

I wiggled all my memory line to picture the bachelor.

“ He, who brings women to his flat at dead night. A drunkard, bastard!  Today police arrested him.”

“Do you know why did they arrest him?”

“  I Don’t know. Today morning a police zeep came and reprimanded him. He is a real culprit. Look at his bad habits in the past. He is arrogant, annoying. He might have committed a murder or something.  They should punish him. He spoils our society.”

“What made you think he is a culprit because of his past deeds?” I enquired.

“Yes. Look at his arrogant way of behaving with elders like us; hanging out with the women at night; see his eyes. His face is always pale, eyes red, deadly looks, curly beard, awry hairstyle. When he comes, what he does no one knows.”

“It does not say he is culprit!”

“Yes, hundred percent he is. I bet you then.”

“Have you ever seen him drinking in public or misbehaving with women?”

“No, but he is like that. I know such scoundrels. I can tell you just looking at him” He was sure.

“Look, he has his own life, what he personally does is none of our business” I ignored him and looked at kids playing in garden.

“If you don’t believe, let it be. Tomorrow’s crime story will highlight his name, I bet”

I wanted to finish this for once and all.

“ Mr Salve do you read any holy scriptures at your home?”

Mr Salve proudly announced that he is a staunch believer is spirituality and reads, follows the Holy Scriptures.

“Take My advice; do not read them now onwards?”

Mr Salve agitated, his eyes become furious.

“Who do you think you are to stop me from reading those holy books?” his voice is loud and erratic.

“Mr Salve, do you know who wrote that scripture?”

“Yes I know. A great holy sage wrote those hymns” It rattled his voice.

“Before becoming a saint, that person was a cruel hunter, who hunted wild animals and looted many people.”

 “Yes, I agree. He became enlightened and then wrote Holy Scripture”

“Is not it a testimony that every bad person with mis deeds in his past could become an enlightened sage like him if given a chance.” I draw the conclusion.

“Might be, but one in hundred. I still bet rest 99 are real culprits.” He is adamant.

“I still believe that everyone can be that one person. Look, Mr Salve everyone has their own chance to redemption from their bad karmas. Hence, instead of judging person from his past deeds, why should not we provide that chance to transformation?” I asked him.

Mr Salve seems not satisfied from my explanations. He sipped his cup of tea and left my home in hurry. I sighed and looked at the balcony.

I just saw, that handsome bachelor entering the opposite flat and some police officers congratulating him. I had expected it, since I know that bachelor is an undercover military personnel working for a security of a top most scientist. His duty hours were hectic. His colleagues were woman commandoes who looked cunning and adulterer. I had once seen him questioning a person in his flat. He saw me him investigating, so he discussed his work profile with me in brief.


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