A Student His Teacher , lot of Notes and a legend of a Machine!

Whenever Sir gives notes, students approach me for help. Just a day before internals or exams, I will be busy producing those notes duplicates for them. It is a tedious task. It evokes heat in my head and other parts. I become hot literally. I need to deliver on time. Most importantly, fate of every damn student depends on my belly.

I always follow the policy of helping students irrespective of their cast, color, creed or religion. For my survival, I receive very nominal fair. I consume less food yet work for nights together.  Sometimes such workload drains me, not after all every human can work forever. He also takes rest at night. However, my owner blames me, even beats me whenever I am broke or struck due to unavoidable reasons.

I mostly write on white paper, sometime thick ones and most of the times cheap thin papers. I have wonderful memory of all the subjects and all the notes. My owner feeds me with such details every now and then. However, he never allows me to step outside or give any competitive exams.

Students forget me just after the exams. It really hurts me a lot. I wait in patience for months for their arrival. Sometimes I feel like decorating myself with black soot over my head and eyes.  If my owner catches, he will use dirty cloth to clean it. I feel disgust yet it is my duty to extradite the notes.

I live by consent of my owner, who gives me lot of hard work and earns in hefty cash.

When I was first born, whole world called me from the work I did. I am good at imitating or replicating the things. Someone blamed me for not being original. Yes, I represent replication. I strongly believe that parallel ideas are as important as master ideas. Nevertheless, master copies are nothing but revisions of simulated ones.

You probably would have guessed my name by now. Every student knows my name.

It is “Xerox”



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