Ball Game

Dud! Cricket bat hit the ball hard. Red ball roared to the fence. A Crowd followed the shot and a loud cheering followed. However, that red ball rolled beneath the seats. It met another oval shaped old ball.

“ Hi, He hits hard. I am here since the last match” Old ball welcomed new ball with a smile.

Red Ball

“ Look at your shape. You are oval. I have perfect round shape.” New ball ridiculed old ball.

Chasing Team won the match and the crowd left the ground. A dirty dog entered the stadium in search of food and shelter. It started chewing on the new ball. Its teeth penetrated new ball. New red ball lost its luster. It became wet, humiliated, finally somehow thrown into the ground. New ball rolled in ground and found its resting place in dirty dustbin somehow.                                 B.A.Patil

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