The five benefits of clay pot cooking you never knew!

Pottery making is a long forgotten art, which is making a hell of a headline nowadays, thanks to recycling and biodegradable mentality of latest humans. Humans turn to everything when their seat is on fire. Literally, wherever human sit or do something, will catch fire; best example is global warming. This is the precise reason for Earth to burn like yet another planet Venus.

Humans want to cool down the environment, in a best way possible and at the same time want to live a prosperous and healthy life as long as providence let them live it. There is no better way than using pottery made mud pots, clay utensils in our day today life to enjoy life of prosperity and wellness. Sounds cliché and old stuff right! Well here are the few benefits of cooking food in mud or clay pots.


  • Full of pores, holds the core!

Have you ever played in clay? Soft layer of clay would have smeared your hands. This softness along with lots of small holes, gives the clay pot many beneficial properties. Wetness of fresh vegetables and oil moves freely within the clay utensil, making the cooking process slower and at the same time adds a distinct aroma to the food.

Slow cooking also retains the necessary ingredients or nutrients in the food, making the taste very delicious and yummy.

These pores are the only reason for water to become cool when stored in mud pots.

Good news for “Jugadu” or money saving Indians, Such holey clay pots require less oil to cook, compared to modern utensils.


  • PH Factor = seven, it is. 

If you have mouth ulcers or acidity, significant blame should be on cooking wares. Most of the food become acidic during cooking and all these foods should be neutralized before partaking. Clay pots are alkaline by nature and balance the food during making itself.

Hence, mud pot cooking is preferred for those having acidity, ulcers and gastro-Intestinal problems. Next time, before visiting a doc for your gas troubles just switch your cookery pots.


  • Secret of Iron Man!

Our body needs minerals, a lot of minerals in miniscule quantity to carry out and balance vivid functions within our system. The primary source of these minerals is vegetables and water. However, deficit of some minerals still causes health to deteriorate. Some studies have proved that such mineral shortage results in diabetes, kidney stones, hypertension, chronic diseases, hair fall, Impotence, anemia and heart failure.

Mud pots are yet another source of such micronutrients and minerals. The list extends to the most common elements such as Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorous, Potassium, Manganese and Boron.


  • So Hot! A New Cool!

Mud pot requires almost half amount of energy to cook compared to other utensils. Although clay pots take a lot of time to get heated, once the heating process is over, heat is uniformly spread throughout the utensil. Because of its thermal insulating property, food remains hot and fresh in the mud pot for a longer time.

Mud pots are best suitable for storing milk and milk products.

Another universal utility of mud pot is you can keep it, use it anywhere, within a refrigerator, a microwave, or even on an oven.


  • “ Mitti se, Mitti mei Mil Jayega” (pot falls and springs out from Mud!)

Unlike other utensils, which have alarming and painstaking methods to become one with the environment, clay pots are easy to manufacture, use and to recycle. Only caution is that use genuine and pure source of clay or mud. Yet another precaution, it breaks unlike other utensils, which hurt when your lovely wife throws on you.

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