A Day of marriage : Tale of tradition , Romance and Family Bonding.

Summer is the season of marriages in India. Indian cinemas have long portrayed marriages with exotic destinations, or simple gully decorations.  In cinemas, marriages end within a day, however in reality, Marriage is eternal event for most of the parents and couples. It is obvious that both parents, young bride and grooms, spend sleepless nights with a tiring schedule.

Although Marriages are fixed on some “ Mahurta” ( Vedic time unit comprising of 48 Minutes) ,lot of preparations start before a month or so. It is in the case of arranged marriages. Although, Love marriages always end up with elopement or at registry offices, a Love marriage also requires lot of years for that final “Yes”.

Woman waiting for her love..

Every aspiring bridegroom, suffer from exhaustion, insomnia, as there are lot of rituals, fasting, never ending photo shoots.  Above all, couple should have adorable smiling face for every pose.

Photographers are the ones who have a close look at the couple than couple themselves. They were there to capture every moment of love, shyness, romance and what not.

Once the marriage is over, everyone rushes to satiate his or her stomach.  Yes, everyone craves for exotic delicacies served during such ceremonies. A royal wedding is judged depending on how many sweets were there for lunch. 

Meanwhile, couples have to deliver smiles to some unknown or known persons. It is very difficult thing to do. You smile at the faces you never knew existed until then. This is the subtle beauty if couples have a long list of maternal or fraternal families. However, such families were hard to find now days. If existed, it is a rare type of blessing for the couple.  

Most dirty part is to avoid diminishing make up before whole world could witness actual face.  Hand full of “Mehendi” Arts , face full of creams and lotions,  body with mesmerizing fragrances, oh God, couples need to count everything while presenting themselves  in front of well-wishers.

Oh God, I forgot, some good friends, who gift anything and everything to the newly wed couples. Gifts range from Wine glasses to Birth control pills or exotic perfumes.   If any one of the couple is shy or little hesitant, or timid, these so-called allies, make his or her life hell for some time.

We need to understand for a moment that, during this so-called ritual, couples are still fasting, however their yearning for emotional need, love or lifelong companionship is allayed, and however, life force never depends on emotional fulfillment alone. They have to eat. This special lunch session ensures another melodrama of romance, and its essence increases hundred forth if friends try their little tricks.

Unlike, Most Indian cinemas showing a “ first night” or “ Honeymoon’ seconds after marriages, real life marriages have many rituals, fun games, family introductions and some pujas even after marriage.  Old age marriages were a month’s affair. Nevertheless, in this fast forwarding world, there were some marriages happened over phone or Skype as well.

Arranged marriages are dragging and depletive in nature, they represent one of the most funny, traditional events in everyone’s life. In those moments of togetherness in front of hundreds of people, a gist of understanding or love, which gradually blossoms between a bride and a groom, is eternal, delicate yet rock solid.

Therefore, those who are in love, hurry up for a marriage. For those couples, who have entered this ever-beautiful relationship, I wish life should continue ever as river Ganges with its full splendor.


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