New year resolutions, we should have in the year 2018.

We are gaining momentum to end this year and begin an all new year with a lot of extravaganza.  As Old folklore to be believed, the New Year always blesses new beginnings. A new career move, a new home or a new car, latest Apple X series, may be much more is waiting on our wish list. Then there are some New Year resolutions we think of completing at least this year.

Here are my takes on what should be your New Year resolutions.

Hitting GYM tops list.


Mind Games

Yes. At the start of the year, everyone desires to get in shape.  GYM is workplace for everything. However, let me introduce a new concept of GYM right!.   Get Your Mind Just about right. The Mind is the power source behind all physical exercises. So Get Your Mind straight and strong. When our mind is hulk personified, we can achieve our physical goals easily.

For Example, if you want to do 15 Pushups or 10 chin-ups, you first decide in your mind, and then do it on a physical level. So “ Get Your Mind” right!.

Drink More.

Yes!  Drink more water.  Everyone thinks of quitting bad habits on New Year eve. May be smoking, drinking or gambling, there are many junk things to quit. It is hard.  It really sets us health torching if we quit all of a sudden. It is like; a dangerous jerk a driver feels when he puts brake all of a sudden.  So try to quit all bad habits slowly. Meanwhile, drink more water, which in turn will dilute all toxic, all that effects of a junkyard.  Pure water people do not mix it up with anything!

Save or conserve more.



  1. Do save time for your loved ones, relatives, friends and family.
  2. Do Save time to do charity, donation and service.
  3. Do save water, fuel, electricity, dependency on artificial products and conserve natural resources.

Already, there is much has been said on conserving natural resources. When animals with imbecile sense could learn things one or two after some efforts, I feel ashamed about us Human beings with so called intellectual minds that hardly learn how to save ourselves.

Earn in terms of smiles

Yes, Money does not buy happiness or peace. Our generation requires a daily dose of laughter, funny jokes, and witty, humors instead of aspirins or drugs.  So earn as many smiles as possible in your lifetime.

                                                                                                                                         ——-> B.A.Patil

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