Five ways to overcome fear in our life.

Fear! Everyone has fear. Even a bureaucrat having bunkers of black money in Swiss banks’ fears for his life. A martial artist trains hard for the fear of losing or getting hard hit in the face or the elbow or not so good backbone. Human, every animal, bird, or fish would have fear, or so called Phobias. When we are students, we fear bald teachers with stick in hand, long chemistry formulae, 100 step Maths equations, then comes fear to express your love to your crush. I think this is the first level of fear every college-going student could have stumbled. (Not College anymore, high school even kinder garden child knows the concept of dating, thanks to so-called social media and the internet.)

Fear is the basic instinct for survival. Fear also contributed in creating many basic things such as clothes to cover from freezing cold, fire to frighten cruel animals or to  get rid of darkness to name a few. More or less, Fear becomes so inherent in Human behavior sometimes creating havoc in day today’s life. What we fear haunts us or even a feeling of imagining such things shivers our mind and body.

There are many ways to overcome fear as told by many psychologists, spiritual gurus. I thought of adding my own half-baked twisted nuggets.

  1. Ignoring the origin.

A child can play with a snake until somebody tells it that snake is poisonous or its own experience with snakes baffles it. So we should ignore the source of fear, it is quite difficult unless you are childlike or do not care for anything whatsoever.  It comes with consciously taken decisions and much more control of our mind and body.

  1. Divert the source of fear.

If you are scared of swimming or water, just think otherwise. Think of the health benefits of swimming instead of fearing water or think of digging rare stones in the river or fishing in rapid waters instead of rowing in river waters. If you have stage fear just think you are on the stage just to impress somebody or express your thoughts. Maneuver the attention of the mind on outputs of work that you do regularly or you think it is a piece of cake instead of directly facing your fears. It is like going one-step ahead of fear. Our Mind is a very funny thing; we can train it in whatever way we like.  Sometimes covering the truth with a slight layer of lie is necessary to cope up with our daily problems.

  1. Correct your mistakes.

Everyone is prone to mistakes. Past mistakes haunt us, we fear that our past might screw our present as well as future. We cannot change past, yet we can change present and we have to live with our past. So make it sure, that you would not repeat your mistakes. If your past haunts you, divert your thoughts in a much bigger perspective of fruitfulness. Past mistakes may be due to incorrect decisions, utter negativity or unhealthy comparison. There may be infinite reasons. Never ever, repeat those mistakes. It is not easy. I tried my best, yet I fear for something or the other. Life is part of trying than not the part of dying effortlessly. Therefore, it is better to try before you die.

  1. Think, as you are soul, not a body anymore.

Here it becomes highly spiritualistic. Some cultures around the world consider there is much more to mere existence than having a body, well-developed senses and mind, i.e. a consciousness. This consciousness is eternal, not perishable, and never changeable. Therefore, any bodily pain or mental dilemma would not affect it at any time.  I would rather give this advice to only those few persons who choose to face fear from more evolved eagle eye perspective.  

  1. Compare your fear with much higher faith, a predominant motive of life.

The best way to face fear is to believe in yourself, your abilities, your will power or your health or social status or anything, which makes you proud. Compare that immense thing with fear. If you have faith in a higher power, you need not to worry about any fear.  If you believe your willpower, or physical stamina or mental stiffness can withstand any type of chaos arising out of fear, just blindly go for it. If you do not have anything, believe in your best friends or parents and their word of wisdom. When you compare your fear with this faith, you find what you had feared is so negligible.


With all these methods, we cannot overcome fear in a single minute. Even a baby takes months to stand on its feet.  We have to try hard every day; we need to get hold of the situations every single second. It requires lots of things other than bare speaking or thinking.

Having said this, a bit of fear is necessary to traverse an ethical right path. We should fear about wrong doings, fear,bad habits, fears deception and malpractices. This kind of fear, everyone should need to exercise in a way that whole society could live in harmony and prosperity.

———————————————————————————> B.A.Patil

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