Five Mobile phone evolutions that could amaze you!

“Mobile” word belongs to Egyptian Pyramid era, now. Nowadays. Androids or IPhones have replaced the actual meaning of telephone or wireless communication devices. A person without a fancy touch screen or android mobile is de facto an alien crash-landed from an unknown planet. At least a peaceful alien! Now, mobile phones have transformed how we interact or socially connect with one another, but it is used for far more applications than merely calling your loved ones.

If someone has predicted the advance of smart phones making a whole earth as a single brain nearly 90 years ago, everyone could have laughed then. Yes, Mr. Nikola Tesla, a mavin scientist who always remained a behind curtain hero predicted this in 1926. Although Kentucky based US patent for wireless telephone was registered almost 100 years ago, it took yet another 30 years for the first invention of mobile phones. However, every fancy phone you see or hold in your palm had evolved within a decade or so.

  • Cars are first the customers of Telephone. (1956) Sweden.

Old phones are only available for car owners. Even if you want to carry it with you, you would have needed Arnold type of muscles! Yes, if you had used such phone daily instead of carrying in your car, you could have won Mr. Universe easily. Such car-phone weighs almost 40kg and permanently fitted in cars. This car-phone era continued until 1980s when relatively smaller hand held phones reached wider stardom.


  • Brick phones or one Kg phones. (1973) Motorola

Being the oldest giant in the telecommunication industry, Motorola unraveled its first hand held public phone device in 1973. Device weighed almost a kg and resembled that of a brick. In those days, this brick had a price tag in thousands of dollars only suitable for higher end of the society. Could you imagine lifting a kg phone with almost a foot long and holding to your ear, dialing and speaking those words? If you have romantic saga going on over the phone, using this phone, definitely your one arm will rest in peace later or sooner.

  • Era of Nokia, blackberry and many more (1990-2000)

Famous Blackberry phones of 1999 dictated the business model, while all famous Nokia 3110 at lower price revolutionized the common people. Nokia charger with a small pin, strong battery life and almost strong unbreakable design ruled the hearts of every household back then.

  • Latest generation of smart phones (2000 -2020)

Well this is the age of almost exponential development in the field of mobiles and androids. Touch phones, finger print sensors, iris scan, a mini computer, Gigahertz processing speed what not! Small 100 gm hand held device can work for you in office, could solve thousands of equations within a second. You can play, share or do anything over the phone. All these facilities at very affordable price, even a toddler knows how to snap your moments now. Apple, Samsung, Redmi, Microsoft, Google!, many more big shots in the mobile industry today. It looks like every conglomerate wants to enter into the market and try to add yet another feather to this ever-growing industry.

  • Hold on; your ears, hands, your head can be a phone!

Even this 100 gm. could reduce to 1000 milligrams and can easily fit into your ear, head or hand, not only that, it connects you to your driver less car, or a company secretary or that special secret date with just a whisper or hand gesture! Sounds spooky reality from all those above head bouncing sci-fi movies, right!

When pacemakers stimulating hearts rest within a body, when a small spy cam could rest in your shoes, leg, or pen connecting to your darker secrets, these future Nano mobile entering your head is a reality in upcoming decades.

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