Five BFFs you should have

BFF means Best Forever Friends!. We all have friends. Close friends, classmates, roomies, friends who stab in the back, friends giving nasty advice, friends so grumpy that even grumpy cat might shy away from them. Without friendship, our world looked like a red-hot burning pan with all those jealousy, frustration and vileness. Then there is special friendship we share with our pets, cats, dogs, even reptiles. No words ever exchanged, no promises, only a stare of those animals is enough to begin a peculiar relationship with them. So friendship requires much more than our words and promises.

I am sharing five best forever friends, we should have in our life, to live a prosperous and meaningful life.

  1. God as your first friend.


If you believe in god or you are a damn atheist, it is always better to have faith in a higher power at any moment of life. He knows everything about us. Our weakness, our strength, and crime, we wanted to commit or robbery we are in a fix, cheating our loved ones or self-proclaimed innocence, he has access to all that information.  When the entire prowess you had is beginning to shake in adversaries of life, when no one stands for your rightfulness, you should trust supremacy of him. If you have loathful secret, a repentance that drives you off the highway of life, it is a piece of cake to share with him. It is with him, not all your secrets would ever go social.

  1. Yourself

Yes, you are the best friend to yourself. When a situation arises wherein you cannot trust anybody, you should trust your instincts. When you are all alone in any desolate path, the first thing is to balance your own mind. Whatever you know, your secrets are safe with you unless you decide to go public. It is your choice or wish as whom to trust, what to say, or where to ask for help. So better, make peace with your past, work in the present and eye for awesome future. If not, you decide to walk on the path guided by your close friends who may or may not be trusted you are all yourself.

All other relationships depend on how much we have balanced our first two relationships. If we find instability in these, we have a whole world to spot for mistakes. I would rather say, these are the backbone of all our emotional upbringing. Above two are permanent friends you are going to have from the beginning of your wisdom to end of your consciousness.

  1. Parents or one of those cousins

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Most people share most candid relationship with their parents or relatives. It may be a strict,disciplined father, caring mother or adorable sister or an annoying cousin. Yes, we do keep secrets with them in a way we feel keeping a secret would not ruin our relationship. Even when our heart is crushed, soul is threatened, we find solace in those laps, little cuddles and sweet hugs. Although these relationships exist for the time being until one or another departs, memories last long and always inspires us.

  1. Spouses or beloved husband.

Love in sky

Unlike other friendly relationships, this kinship has one extra edge. Apart from promises, compromises, understanding and kindness, which defines, basis of friendship, a bit of ethical and pure love and romance adds its flavor to this one. We share an emotional, a physical and mental bond with our partners. It is said that our life partner is our best friend. To keep purity of any relationship in general and this kinship in particular, we should share everything more often. We should be clear in our thoughts and promises. Hiding secrets in this type of relationship may hinder our emotional and marriage bliss.

  1. General friends, pets, colleagues and roomies.

Last but not the least, this group comprises more members than all above combined. A pet is better than a human being is if whole world surrounding, betrays us. We should not depend on these friends more often, since everyone gets busy with their own life at a given point of time. This kind of kinship requires a cautious trust and careful approach. Yes, you should hide your secrets, your weaknesses or strengths more often.  As long as our friend listens without talking or understands nothing you can blabber out your heart and that friend should be a pet, otherwise every thinking mind out there gambles on us.

In any given relationship, a pinch of exploitation, expectation and keeping promises is common. It should not be more to ruin the relationship. Real wisdom lies in trusting your instincts to approach a relationship.

————————————————————————————-> B.A.Patil

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