4 locations having birth place of more than one river.

Water is the rudimentary need for life on earth. Most of the drinking water on earth flow in the form of springs, streams and rivers. Most of the rivers arise on high elevations or hills, icebergs, or underground springs. Below is the list of such places, which give birth to more than one river.

1.Nandi Hills, Bangalore, Karnataka

Have you wondered, a major metropolitan city of India housing almost 12.3 million populations, has a place, which gives rise to almost 5 rivers. Unfortunately, all these rivers were formerly perennially flowing legends. Thanks to ever-growing demand of Bangalore city, all these rivers are extremely polluted and are on the edge of extinction.


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Nandi Hills locates around 60km from Bangalore, is the birthplace of four rivers. Yet another river called “Vrishabhavati“ originates within highly urbanized heart of the city.


Arkavati, Dakshina Pinakini, Uttara Pinakini and Palar rivers have their origins at Nandi Hills. All these rivers empty into the Bay Of Bengal Ocean.

  • Arkavati is a major tributary of Kauvery and supplies around 20% of water supply for Bangalore city.



  • Uttara Pinakini, or Penna river flows to north and east through the both Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh States.


  • Palar a major river flows in all three states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


Sadly,All these rivers flow during Monsoon, Otherwise become dry beds for sand mafia in summer.

“If we could rejuvenate these 5 rivers, most of the water problem for Bangalore and Chennai city can be resolved.”


2, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, India


Mahabaleshwar is a stupendous hill station in the Sahyadri range in Western India. Old Mahabaleshwar inheriting a historical and religious Heritage has a temple called PanchaGanga. This Pancha Ganga temple is said to be the origin of Krishna, Veni (Venna), Gayatri, Savitri and Koyna Rivers.


Of all these rivers, Venna, Gayatri and Koyna flow for some distance before joining the River Krishna.



  • Koyna being the most important tributary of Krishna among these four rivers, flows north to south.


  • Savitri flows to the west and drains in the Arabian Sea at Harihareshwar, Raigad district.

3.Mount Kailash, Trans Himalaya, Tibet Autonomous region, China


Mount Kailash or Gang Rinpoche in Tibetan language is the highest mountain in Kailash range. There is a “ Manasa Sarovar lake within this range”. This is the birthplace of four of the longest flowing Asian rivers.

Mount Holy

 1.West flowing Rivers




 2. East flowing Rivers.



  • Brahmaputra, Meets River Ganges in Bangladesh and drains to the Bay of Bengal.

4. Amarakantak hills , Madhya Pradesh India.


Amarakantak temple” is the birth place of two major rivers of India.

River Narmada and River Son.


  • River Narmada flows westwards and empties in the Gulf of Khambhat, Arabian sea.



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