“The theory of everything” goes to nothing: Mr. Stephen Hawking

When Stephen Hawking diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), his doctor had predicted max 6 months of life span. However, Stephen lived until this day and literally travelled the universe with his two fingers.  The Even Black hole could have stopped absorbing light rays after hearing his demise. Today light travelled 100 km per second slower to show its sadness. Many celestial bodies such as black holes, nebulas, red giants, white dwarfs, Pulsars, quasar many more may have been mourning, as Stephen is the only source through which their existence could have been explained to this skeptical scientific world.

Sitting on an armchair, with awkward head position, specially designed computer to speak out, Stephen wrote, published books on many things, most of them are in theoretical physics.  A genius, who dealt with invisible black holes, gigantic universe and time-space barriers, always talked on cosmos that takes years to understand and interpret.

He was among the first to speak aloud on extra-terrestrial existence. However, he is skeptical about many things such as the existence of god and religion. He believed that aliens may exist, but they turn out to be foes if humankind meets them accidentally.

Stephen died at an age of 76 years. Halley comet also appears around the sun in a cycle of 75-76 years. It may be co incidence. He survived a neuron disability. It is may be a pure luck. He proposed many theories which would take another hundred years to prove, it is may be an abnormal side of an intellectual mind.


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