NASA has just found out “many things” in Planet MARS

Red Planet with its two natural moons ( Phobos & Demois) has enthralled many astronomers and scientists around the world. Being closest and similar to planet earth, everyone looked mars as a second home.

Therefore, all the space agencies around the world have sent many probing machines to the surface of MARS. Main Motive is to find out life supporting resources in MARS.

 ISRO had launched the Mangalyana Mission at a cost of 7 Rs per KM. They found out  traces of water on the surface of The MARS.

Seeing this, the Euro Space agency also launched a mission. Euro scientists became jovial after finding  the vast reserves of 1 billion year old red wine on the north part of the MARS.  Wine specialists have estimated the total price may be around 1 trillion Zimbabwe Dollars.

The Chinese space wing also wanted to find something on MARS. They replicated the Mangalyaana Mission at still lower Per km Cost. Unfortunately spaceship suffered wreckage on entering the outer atmosphere of MARS.

Meanwhile Terrorist organizations all around the world also blood-funded a mission to MARS. Their main motive is to find any creatures on MARS and either convert them or kill them all. As blood thirsty vultures, they found out the exact reason for the red color of MARS : Blood.

The Richest Middle Eastern country found out vast superior quality oil reserves in the surface of MARS.  

Finally, NASA, who speaks at last, who is a big-brother,  verified all above discoveries and concluded that MARS has everything for Human beings to live and exploit the planet as Humans has been doing to Mother Earth.


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