Autobiography of a scientist : My experiment with Ape.

He was seeing her for long time. She is pretty and sharp.  Her bluish eyes through her specs always looked calm and soft. However, she is strict with his diet.  Her long curly hair reminded him of his long lost cousin. She walked on two legs. He hardly could understand her words as she communicated with him in sign language.   He always yelled in some gibberish words. She would record his voice and all his behaviors.  She would discuss all her reports with another man in blue suit. That blue man would suggest some methods then.

Once in a week, she would give him a specific food and some medications. His body has developed some rashes. His skin color has turned from greyish to pale yellow.  Day by day, his aggressiveness is increasing at an alarming rate. However, she has to continue the entire medicament unwillingly.

One fine evening after daily dose of some drugs and food, he stopped yelling and drop down to his bed. Entry to his compartment is restricted. He enjoys all modern facilities yet he lived a single boring life. She entered his compartment with special keys and a syringe in her hand. She slowly walked to his bed and tried to awake him. Her special thick latex hand gloves could feel his rough skin.  No matter what she did, he could not get up. His pulse rate is high. With such a high pulse rate, his blood should explode. It never did happen. His skin felt very hard. Even syringe broke while inducing a small pinhole to his body.

Suddenly he turned towards her. His face looked calm. His eyes closed. For her utter amazement, he talked in a clear voice, which she could understand.

“ Oh Woman, I have become a man now. Go and tell your boss that the experiment is complete. Congratulations! You have converted a domestic gorilla into a powerful thinking weapon!”

He jumped from his bed, snatched her entry pass and room key. He ran to the entry gate with a blazing speed.  Between her next blink, he has escaped the facility and she remained locked in that compartment as a witness.


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