YYY: Return of Baldy’s Hair.

It is story about a bald hero who lived happily in small town somewhere in the USA. “Baldy” is his Nickname; he is one of most fine spy commando in the world. He had a girlfriend who loves him the lot. Our Hero is bald in his mid 30’s. He had flamboyant physiques to his rescue. After some time, his only girlfriend starts losing hair and becomes bald. Ultimately, she dies. Baldy becomes depressed and takes voluntary retirement to live rest of his life in desolated county somewhere up in tropics. 

In the mean time, a con scientist develops deadly biohazard, which makes everyone bald. That bio weapon takes some time to act on woman than men. Hence, men are more susceptible to baldness than woman is. Con Scientist steals the only cure available from Datrass’s Hair Growing Research centre and escapes. That con scientist steals the technology, makes hair wigs, and sells to customer at higher price. He wants to become billionaire, by selling wigs to whole of population who has become bald due to his own bio weapon.


It is no time, Baldy finds out real reason for his baldness and premature death of his only girlfriend.  He recreates his old team. An Indian aid assists him. All national agencies around the world requests Baldy to catch this con scientist. Baldy along with his Indian friend, his bald team, goes through hair straightening adventures all around the globe to bring back all hair technology in the world.

                                                                                                                        –Bharat Patil

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