Terror attacks on Elephantistan : 800 dead and counting.

A terrorist group under the name  ISAN has attacked Elephantistan capital “ Mammothograd” on occasion of Independence day . ISAN stands for “Independence for Separate Ant Nation’. Four suicide ant terrorists have detonated themselves during annual mud-splashing event at the bank of Elephanta river. Over 10000 elephants had gathered to witness the event. Elephanta river is fed by two springs “Eleph” and “Antis” which subsequently join to form Elephanta river. “Antis” Being the larger tributary entirely flows in Ant- Dominated region, providing them ample amount of water year around, while “ Eliph” being the seasonal river always dries up in summer. Elephant dominated provinces live happily and peacefully with whatever the scarce supply of water they could get, while greedy Ant-dominated region want more water to build  Nuclear reactors, missiles and destructive weapons illegally. Elephantistan leader has opposed to this. This was the main reason for Terror attacks and ongoing political turmoil.

ISAN Leader proclaimed the attack as successful, as tiny ants could able to infiltrate Elephantistan nation without any trace.

Another neighbor nation such as Tigristan and Deeristan have condemned the attack. Mosquitostan citizens have promised to donate blood to injured Elephants, as they suck lots of blood from Human beings.

Grizzly Bear and the Great Ant-eater Nation have openly supported ISAN, raising questions over harmony of the world.



        A disclaimer: This is a work of satire and fiction. No living or dead entity is related to this story.
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