When Santa claus fails to deliver gifts on chistmas !

Yellow golden bells rang.  Its sound reverberated whole valley and some boulders shred its thin cover of ice on ground. It is the winter season, yet sun has retained the warmness of summer.  

He slowly wakes up and saw outside from the window. His ice cave had a little window. Last years, a thick layer of ice closed the window so that sunrays remain absent forever. However every passing year reduces the ice cover so that little bit sunrays disturbed his sound sleep. Alas! Winter has come early but missing cold breeze of winter! He sighed. Unlike yester years, He wore fewer clothes thanks to ever-warming sun in dead of a winter. A red hat covered his head, a head full of old wisdom. White long beard, glowing radiant face, black deep eyes sparkled in all white ice. He looked at the Mirror, an Ice slab that reflected his aura.

He looked at his pouch of gifts. It was empty. He needs to replenish all the gifts. He unlocked his secret treasure compartment from ice beneath his bed. He grabbed some sacs of golden coins from the lock. He weighed with his hand and satisfied with it. He hanged lot of cash sacs to his waist belt. His red color dress, bulged belly, small hands and legs resembled that of a ripened sumptuous apple just falling from the tree.

He came out of his cave in a hope that his shovels need to move lot of ice this year. Unfortunately, his shovels did little thing to his surprise. Ice layers were shallow. Ground is not so stable. Sun radiated unusual heat. Ice has turned grayish in some places.  He wondered how this white star turned murky color. Little did he know that human beings were outgrown their dumb mind to dump lot of pollution wherever they want. This pollution has outreached many remote, sublime locations.

He looked at the south horizon. Scarcely wooded sub zero land emanated a halo around the sky. His eyes looked for something. Something that existed for million years , now walking alone here and there in search of food and a way to repopulate its own species, hiding from hunters.  Reindeers for his wooden chariot!

He looked at his cash sacks; they might be enough to buy gifts and Reindeers. He walked on the frost, his leg pierced deep in ice. It surprised him. Ice should be solid hard at this point of winter, yet Ice layers were broken elsewhere.

Finally, he reached Igloo of an Eskimos who could lend him their Reindeers. Eskimos Refused as Reindeer population is reducing at an alarming rate and they depend on Reindeer for everything from food to clothes. Santa perplexed and asked for alternative arrangement of Huskies. Huskies are special dogs, trained to survive in tundra and can drag sledges. Huskies belong to long lost cousins of Wild wolves. Santa bewildered to find out that so-called humans interbred huskies with other dogs and smuggled them to opposite poles as pets.

One of the Eskimo suggested Santa to take a ride with delivery vans. They deliver everything, even gifts.

Santa Claus reached delivery van and subsequently to their office. He wanted to buy gifts lot of gifts, however there is a one big problem. His bank had only original sparking golden coins, lot of coins. Same coins, which have infinite market value in old artifact black market, yet find its chart in illegal claims in government business. Golden coins, or whatever sparkling counts as a smuggled one. All those blood diamonds, South American golden ships, Indian Kohinoor Diamonds, Egyptian catacombs, Chinese Jade stones Everything comes under scanner even if you are legal heir to posses them.  Everything had a bloody history behind it. Hence, all white is Black and a Black sapphire outshines under white govt buildings. Some officials asked, in fact forced Santa to deposit all his sacs and in return, He could keep 10 % of wealth as a bounty. Santa is a person of god. He is innocent as just born baby and a law-abiding citizen. He treats everybody equal, person who threatens him or person who delivers him, find same place in his character gauge.

winter cold

Officials directed him to an all-browsing engine, which addresses all gifting shops. There were Kazon, Slipkart, Abuy, Balibaba and many more. They have all common gifts with variable rates.  All shops had a Gift customization support engineer who looks into finding suitable gifts.

Santa met one of the Support engineer.

“ My son, I want to purchase some yummy chocolates to kids. Could you suggest some good ones?”

“ Sire, Give us the address, we also deliver to all those children. We have special offers of free delivery; buy 1 get two free offers going on. As you are old, it is not advisable for you to deliver to each house. We would not charge extra, another sac of coins you have. That is it.”


Santa is adamant to visit all kids. He misses them. He had not seen them in a year. This is only chance to enliven their memories of legend of an Old man who fulfills all their wishes.

“ Sire, who believes real Santa among lot of makeup artist roaming all over the place during this December. World has become more scientific biased than faith centric. We are professionals, leave it to us.” Support engineer insisted.

Santa sighed as he yelled, “Wow, Even gifts and celebration has become a monotonous. Is there anything I can deliver?”

“ By the way, Sire, Today’s kids no more need chocolates, they are health conscious. They expect latest gadgets, I phones, Play stations, Games, Speedy bikes, racing cars and last but not the least partners.  Can I pack some of them?”

“ Yes, of course son. You are a customization expert, knows every kids demand. Pack everything that every kid in this world wants “Santa suspired.

Santa paid for all his purchases and gave away address from his memory. He remembered every kid, Annoying, irritating, sad, happy, dull-witted, master class, wealthy, filthy, everyone. He loves everyone. Whatever be the nature of those kids, they are sweet innocent small kids to him.

“ Sire, we have handmade gift cards for each delivery with your signature. Thanks for your purchase. You are valuable customer to us. Is there anything we wish we could give away as part of your Campaign?”

Santa enquired, “ Dear blessed child, are kids happy with these gifts, are they compassionate with each other, love each other irrespective of their color, cast, religion or status ? “

Support engineer had no Idea how to reply, however he found a diplomatic answer.

“Sire, somewhat yes. Kids are happy to get next version of these gifts. They are compassionate to donate a penny to a roadside beggar. They love to hang out with each other. When they are happy, they purchase to celebrate. It really helps us in turn it also satisfies them.”

Santa laughed and said, “Oh, My son, you could deliver all the gifts, gift cards, everything. However, there is one thing that befits only me. No conglomerate or a Bussiness tycoon could deliver it the way I deliver it. Bless you my son. Merry Christmas!”  Santa left the shop with bare hand, empty sacs, lost heart and tired body.

Support engineer perplexed at this point.

Santa returned to his abode, sat on his icy cold chair. His eyes were wet. He prayed to almighty.

“Oh almighty. Today everyone relishes what gift we “present” more than our own lively presence. Everyone is looking outside for happiness. No one has guts to look into their souls.  I kindly request you to grant Happiness, compassion, peace, love to our next generation. This is best gift I could deliver them. This is the gift we should need more than anything is. These were the gifts, an infinite box unable to contain. Yet, so enormous and resides in every heart forever.


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