When Roach bled transparent and breath his last !

Obvious that anyone bleeding would suffer pain and may or may not die. Indians bleed blue during cricket fever and they do survive. Human bleed red in many ways, they drink red, eyes red when angry, face becomes red when blushing. Hence, human beings suffer vivid emotions in every possible dimension. Mystic creature Unicorn bleeds silver blood. Therefore, anybody bleeding other than red sounds airy.

When Roach hissed his first voice on this earth, there was no one to cheer. His community lacked modern medical facilities. His birth was natural yet in such a filthy environment, many do not reckon to witness. By birth, Roach along with his community had some super powers. They could survive in any environment, could eat anything edible, could drink once in a month and survive as fittest. Only thing he lacked is his voice. Other than hissing or slight chirping sound he did not had a strong voice to his cause of existence.

Unlike Human beings who crave for more space, more power and more money, Roach could sneak into any place. He is welcomed in jails, casinos, bars, banks, five star hotels, secret NASA facilities, Pentagon, White house and anywhere you name it. Even cold freezers could not keep him away. In every space, he made his friends and lived more graciously.

This sneaking in power made Roach accessible to many compartments, bank lockers, cupboards, even computer keyboards without a key. He could enter every kitchen, every hallway, washroom and bedroom no one noticing. He was the first one to witness many things, bathrooms slip offs, bedroom romances, kitchen cuisines and hallway murders. In fact, he walks freely on blood soaked floor of a crime spot. He enjoys threatening woman and men who pretend to be brave one to witness a gruesome murder without helping the victim, or commit crime or show six packs or toned abdomen just to raise whiskers.


A wall has ears, so as Roach. He is nice in a way he hears too many words, awesome discussions, cuss filled quarrels, sweet romantic adult talks and gossips, yet he keeps his mouth shut and works on his livelihood. One space he chooses not to enter is Mobile phones. He respects privacy of android or apple users. Roach is so busy living in his community; social Medias find it very difficult to catch him. He could fly to next building or an airplane or rental car without making much buzz. He sometimes chooses his privilege to fly with prime minister of a nation and president of America, yet simply skips away after effects. He is humble and simple.

In time, he has outgrown his fellow people. He is more charismatic, powerful of the herd. One good thing is unlike humans who diminish humanely as they outgrow their money, power, position, status and ego, Roach kept a balance.

He was intolerant to all those pollutions. He was invincible to extreme heat, cold, radiation and cruelty. He could survive without his head for some time more than an average human being with working brains. Unfortunately, Roach is short lived. Yes, anybody with all those super powers, simplicity and humanity were short lived. They all meet unnatural deaths more often.

When Roach died, a transparent fluid oozed from his body. He was facing the roof. His tiny eyes had memories of all secrets that cripple to go public. His voice never raised anything than a hiss and a chirping. He wished he could reveal all those secrets to an investigator, all those Bedroom fantasies of a cheating wife to her looser husband, unspoken words of a teenager to his love of lifetime and number of black notes within the cub board of a politician to excise department. If that has ever happened, he could have died in glory.  Unfortunately, our society never wishes such a Roach to exist along with them.

A tribute to our friend, hero “Roach”. Full Name “CockRoach”! He starred along side Wall-e in animated blockbuster “Wall-E”. It is a testimony that his off springs could survive until Dooms day to tell his glory. Unlike humans who hardly survive and hardly make others, fellow creatures to survive on this planet, Roach could have lived with every creature, every human being in harmony.

————————————————————————— © B.A.Patil

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