What happened, If Minions were in search of good master?

(Whaaat, yikai  asa Minions cogowl nunu leelas benhep?)

Minions are small, yellow creatures existed on earth for a long time. They resemble bananas, their favorite fruit is banana, and they speak “Yi kai Yai Yai Banana”. They survived only to serve world’s impeccable legendary good masters.  They met many good masters throughout the world’s history. Their first master was big banyan tree because it never spoke and always gave fruits, oxygen and shadow for them.  As time passed, their master kept on changing. A tree, then a deer, then a cow, then a holy saint became their master. Holy saint guided them to ice cave and meditated. They followed him and lived there for hundreds of years. Holy saint died one day, leaving all Minions master less. They had all facilities for enjoyment yet they lacked a purpose of life, to serve a greatest good master. Stuart, Minion and Bob started their expedition in search of such master.

They somehow see advert on congregation meeting of all good people in the world.  They reach the venue and find out about greatest good master of all time.  That greatest master is a woman. A woman master had good values. She gave them first task.  Task is to enthrone right queen for kingdom. All minions fail to do so. They fail to recognize a good queen. Their master chastises them in anger. Minions never ever saw such evilness in the master. They rejected their own master. Their searches for good master continued untill a small baby Gru enthroned right person for kingdom. Finally, all minions found a greatest good master of all time. A small toothless baby, who blabbers, which laughs incessantly, which never blames anybody, which is pure by heart.


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