Kim hires Gelina Julie to train on how to “curve” the nuclear warheads!

Kim always played with dummy rocket launchers since his childhood. After 20 years, his childish looks still holds, as so his desire to launch nuclear missiles. Being a fancy child brought up with playing high -end gores video games, Kim wanted to wage war on his neighbors and a superpower.

His R&D Team has developed missile systems, fortunately for the whole world; Missiles always travelled straight paths and missed the target all the times. Kim approached Gelina Julie, who had mastered the art of curving the bullet so nicely that she could kill a man standing behind her. In return, Julie adopted yet another child from his so-called rich, empowered nation.

Infuriated Superpower president rejected all visa and passport service for Julie and her new adopted child.

While yet another Asian Superpower, who has the highest population and has a habit of going against other superpowers gave free visa and lifetime citizenship to Julie and co.

Kim admired the decision of his Asian counterpart.

However, our insiders revealed that Kim could able to launch and curve the missiles, but the missiles fail to explode on target.  So Kim is heartbroken and is in major distress.


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