When President Humb Meets Dictator dumb

In a world, often accounted for more power and supremacy, the meeting of two leaders of different biological and political origins is making news. President Humb rules a powerful nation, while Dictator dumb rules all –poor nation.

Dumb is busy making nuclear missiles and testing it, while President Humb is good at drafting weird foreign policies and shifting his embassy from one capital to another. Humb thinks that he is the super power and has right to treat anybody as he like without any questions being asked. Being a businessman without any political background, Humb is good weapon dealer than a clean leader. He is keen to raise wall on his border just to stop immigrants. It seems he is unaware of fate of famous Berlin wall and China Wall, which remain just a monument today.

Every historian is announcing this meeting to be “ None before or after” type and comparing to “ first contact with extraterrestrial life”.  Dumb rules a place with bizarre economic and social policies which makes his nation next only to weird alien planet. All citizens of Dumb Nation would have similar hair style. There are many forbidden rules and only one person can break it. Age of the nation has been just 100 years old. Dumb enjoys all types of pleasures and can execute his blood relatives for opposing, anywhere and everywhere. His nation has many gore firsts and last place to rest for many visitors.

Humb and dumb might discuss some “ Deals”.  It may be inevitable that Dictator Dumb may launch yet another missile  just to Pass Humb.


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