When you go to morning walk with your best friend!

Somebody has said, “Train him, otherwise he will be spoiled”

So he thought of training me.  Early in the morning, he wakes up after infinite failed attempts to silence the mobile alarm. He packs some towel, calorie-burning gadget and a bottle of water. I always wake up early. He picks me from my home. Then we both walk to nearby road, which leads to city outskirts.  He was a lazy jerk.  He has put on lot of weight.  Although he provides me, special cuisine now and then he literally survives on such classic and extravagant yet unhealthy dishes anytime.

Then while walking I saw my soul mate.  She is doing some crunching exercises on an elevated platform.  Every day I see her and we exchange a casual greetings, smileys and some hand gestures. I think she is also into me.

I saw him following me from a distance. Today I wanted to propose to her.  I ran to that platform and tried my luck to interact with her. Seeing me running so fast, he also raced to catch hold of me.  His nostrils produced large grunting sound when he approached us.

He felt disgust and jealousy when he saw us conversing. He pulled me. He has strong arms, obvious that I am younger to him.

I retaliated and nudged his hand. I roared with wrath, as my legs kicked his pant. How can he separate me from my lover? Finally, my voice broke all prevailing morning silence.

“ Bow,Gurr Bow”


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