What is the color of love?

“Really, you love her” I asked him. It is somewhat weird for such a handsome , rich, smart person to choose an average looking small town poor girl as his life partner. Even she is shorter by atleast a foot, her body color was dark dusky, she is not lean or fit like him and on the top of that she had thick spectacles. She was no more match to either of his status or personality. When I first heard of his wedding invitation, I kept on guessing all those possible gorgeous women in our college who stood abreast with him in everything, to be his life partner. All the way, he was the heart-throb of many others during our college days. He is handsome and smart, at the same time simple in many ways, a declining characteristic in our society of businesspersons and their spoiled brats. Richness with intelligence, a rare quality made him a topmost businessperson at very young age.

Every one of his friends, colleagues were shocked to see the bride in the marriage. As expected, his parents were absent. They opposed his marriage. Continue reading “What is the color of love?”

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